II International tournament Grand Premium 2022


2nd edition of Grand Premium in Spain united roughly 450 gymnasts from all around the world during 4 days. Our team was pleased to participate in this beautiful event so nicely closing competitive season 😉😍

Category 2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 
Miss Smile 😊 
10th place in all around 🏅 
6th place without apparatus 🏅 
9th place hoop 🏅 

2010 A
Stasane Emilia
6th place in all around 🏅
6th place ball 🏅
4th place clubs 🏅 

2010 C
Kampe Lara
3rd place in all around 🥉 
1st place hoop 🥇 

Ferriter Joyce
5th place in all around🏅
2nd place hoop 🥈


5th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament
"Curves of Daugava 2022”

We are very proud of our gymnast Emilia Stašāne who today at the 5th international rhythmic gymnastics competition #CurvesofDaugava in #Daugavpils, Latvia got 3 golden medals 🥇🥇🥇 (all-around, hoop and clubs), 1 silver medal🥈(ball) and a special prize 🎁 and send our thanks 🙏 to Aliona Iampolskaia, Ekaterina  Kalinina and Eva Sguerra

Friendship Cup 2022

Results of #friendshipcup2022 for Lara Kampe 🙂

2010 C
Kampe Lara 
All around 3rd place 🥉 
Hoop 1st place 🥇

Congratulations 🎉👏🏻🥰



Grand Duchy Cup 2022
Second day


2012 C
Schaefer Laura 3rd place 🥉 

2011 C
Nüssle Kim 14th place 🏅

Grand Duchy Cup 2022

photo_2022-05-08_19-03-47 (2).jpg

Rythmica Lux Schuttrange at #GrandDuchyCup 2022 1st day

2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 1st place 🥇 
2010 A
Stasane Emilia 7th place 🏅 
2010 C
Valentiny Leyla 5th place 🏅 
Schaefer Julia 9th place 🏅 
Juniors C
Illessy Julia 4th place 🏅 
Vanacker Cloé 12th place 🏅

Rotterdam Victory Cup 2022

The hero of this Competition was Emilia Stasane 💜 nominated “Miss Difficulty” by the organising committee 🥰

Emilia’s results in category pre-junior A (2010-2011):

All around 🏅4 place
Ball 🥈2nd place
Clubs 🏅4 place


Many thanks to the team who contributed to preparing the gymnast and for support during this event!!! Ekaterina  Kalinina Elizaveta Iampolskaia Yulia Mikhaylova 


Treveris Cup 2022

Last weekend (23.04-24.04.2022) our team took part in Treveris Cup, tournament organised by our neighbour club Rhythmische Sportgymnastik - Trier. 

Rythmica Lux Schuttrange was represented by four gymnasts during this two day event and we are pleased to share with you the all around results by category. 

2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 6th place 🏅

2011 C
Nuessli Kim 4th place 🏅

2010 C
Bujnowska Milena 6th place🏅

2010 A
Stasane Emilia 6th place🏅

Congratulations to the girls and Rythmica Lux team!