Aurore Cup 2022


Schaeffer Laura 2012 C 🏅6 place 
Schilling Alba 2011 D 🥇1 place
Nussle Kim 2011 D 🥉3 place
Valentini Leyla 2010 C 🏅5 place
Bujnowska Milena 2010 C 🏅6 place
Schaeffer Julia 2010 C 🏅6 place
Illessy Julia 2009 C 🏅4 place
Vanacker Chloé 2008 C 🥈2place

Coach: Inga 💙
Juge: Ioulia Bonnier 💙

Félicitations aux gymnastes ✨💫 pour les belles présentations 💙

AmsterdaMMasters 2022


Our delegation is back from Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
where our team took part in the 11th edition of international competition AmsterdamMasters. This event united the individual gymnasts and groups from 12 countries and included two representatives of male rhythmic gymnastics. All the gymnasts, from pre-juniors to seniors, were presenting 4 routines each as a part of all around ranking and the best could qualify for apparatus finals. During this intense 3 day event our gymnasts were accompanied by Elizaveta Iampolskaia & Maria Sviatko. It was Ioulia Bonnier who represented the club at the judge’s panel. Our appreciation goes to the entire team for demonstrating the acquired skills, for the support before and during the competition as well as the development under the close eye of club’s president Aliona Iampolskaia. Success doesn’t happen on its own, it’s a path that we take together as one team. 

Our thanks go to the organisers for this lovely event with nice atmosphere and beautiful memories. 

Stasane Emilia represented Rythmica Lux in category pre-junior:

Day 1
All-around 2nd place 🥈 
Hoop 3rd place🥉 
Ball 1st place 🥇

Day 2
All-around 4th place 🏅 
Clubs 6th place 🏅 
Ribbon 3rd place 🏅

Congratulations 🎉


The 5th Austrasian Cup


Last weekend girls crossed the border to take part in the 5th edition of #AustrasianCup organised by ATGRS Thionville @atgrsthionville. The gymnasts from neighbouring countries as well as from Egypt, South Korea, Togo & Ukraine were enchanting the public with their masteries. 

We are pleased to share the results of this event as well as to thank the team who accompanied the girls throughout the weekend:

Ioulia Bonnier, Hristina Stoimenova-Nenkova, Eva Sguerra and Mariia Sviatko ❤️

C-2010 Ferriter Joyce 2nd place 🥈  
FIG Junior Stasane Emilia 8th place 🏅

Amazing start of the season, keep it up 👍🏻 

13x13 the carpet is our stage


Update from Westerburg 🇩🇪, tournament 13x13 carpet is our stage @steh_kopf 

Catégorie 2010 

Emilia Stasane :
Hoop 1st place 🥇 
Ball 4th place 🏅
Clubs 1st place 🥇 
Ribbon 2nd place 🥈 



Favorit Cup 2022

C’est parti !!!! La première compétition de la saison en Slovénie 🇸🇮 Favorit Cup par @skfavorit_rg 

Stasane Emilia 2010 A: 7eme général, 2eme aux massues et 3 eme au ruban

Félicitations pour ce début et remerciements à Aliona et Amel pour avoir accompagné les filles durant cette épreuve ❤️ 


II International tournament Grand Premium 2022


2nd edition of Grand Premium in Spain united roughly 450 gymnasts from all around the world during 4 days. Our team was pleased to participate in this beautiful event so nicely closing competitive season 😉😍

Category 2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 
Miss Smile 😊 
10th place in all around 🏅 
6th place without apparatus 🏅 
9th place hoop 🏅 

2010 A
Stasane Emilia
6th place in all around 🏅
6th place ball 🏅
4th place clubs 🏅 

2010 C
Kampe Lara
3rd place in all around 🥉 
1st place hoop 🥇 

Ferriter Joyce
5th place in all around🏅
2nd place hoop 🥈


5th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament
"Curves of Daugava 2022”

We are very proud of our gymnast Emilia Stašāne who today at the 5th international rhythmic gymnastics competition #CurvesofDaugava in #Daugavpils, Latvia got 3 golden medals 🥇🥇🥇 (all-around, hoop and clubs), 1 silver medal🥈(ball) and a special prize 🎁 and send our thanks 🙏 to Aliona Iampolskaia, Ekaterina  Kalinina and Eva Sguerra

Friendship Cup 2022

Results of #friendshipcup2022 for Lara Kampe 🙂

2010 C
Kampe Lara 
All around 3rd place 🥉 
Hoop 1st place 🥇

Congratulations 🎉👏🏻🥰



Grand Duchy Cup 2022
Second day


2012 C
Schaefer Laura 3rd place 🥉 

2011 C
Nüssle Kim 14th place 🏅

Grand Duchy Cup 2022

photo_2022-05-08_19-03-47 (2).jpg

Rythmica Lux Schuttrange at #GrandDuchyCup 2022 1st day

2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 1st place 🥇 
2010 A
Stasane Emilia 7th place 🏅 
2010 C
Valentiny Leyla 5th place 🏅 
Schaefer Julia 9th place 🏅 
Juniors C
Illessy Julia 4th place 🏅 
Vanacker Cloé 12th place 🏅

Rotterdam Victory Cup 2022

The hero of this Competition was Emilia Stasane 💜 nominated “Miss Difficulty” by the organising committee 🥰

Emilia’s results in category pre-junior A (2010-2011):

All around 🏅4 place
Ball 🥈2nd place
Clubs 🏅4 place


Many thanks to the team who contributed to preparing the gymnast and for support during this event!!! Ekaterina  Kalinina Elizaveta Iampolskaia Yulia Mikhaylova 


Treveris Cup 2022

Last weekend (23.04-24.04.2022) our team took part in Treveris Cup, tournament organised by our neighbour club Rhythmische Sportgymnastik - Trier. 

Rythmica Lux Schuttrange was represented by four gymnasts during this two day event and we are pleased to share with you the all around results by category. 

2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 6th place 🏅

2011 C
Nuessli Kim 4th place 🏅

2010 C
Bujnowska Milena 6th place🏅

2010 A
Stasane Emilia 6th place🏅

Congratulations to the girls and Rythmica Lux team!