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Happy Trophy Cup 2024

We are pleased to share the results of our team at #HappyTrophy that took part in Brussels last weekend June 1-2, thanks to the efforts of Happy Gym Anderlecht organising committee.

Our gymnasts were accompanied by technical director of the club Aliona Iampolskaia and coach Maria Sviatko. We thank them sincerely for the support and encouragement.

Junior A

Stasane Emilia 

AA 1st place

Hoop 1st place

Ball 3d place

Clubs 1st place


Grand Duchy Cup 2024

May 11th was rich on sports events, one of which was Grand Duchy Cup organized by Aspelt Gym Academy. This event attracted gymnasts of various levels of preparation from neighbouring countries. 

Many thanks to the #rythmoteam for the support and dedication: Nina Kolesnikova, Ekaterina Kalinina, Amel Kadri, Ioulia Bonnier, Hristina Stoimenova, Inga Stafeeva, Alona Bondareva, Aryna Mykolaevska & Sania Nenkova

Let’s celebrate the success of the #rythmogirls with the collection of the podium places and special prizes from the organisers awarded to Elise Semeleen.
moments by Alexander Kostowetzky

Category 2018 & younger

Elise Semeleen 4th place

Category 2011 C

Alba Schilling 4th place

Category Junior 2010-2009 C

Lara Kampe 1st place

Category Senior C

Cloe Vanacker 1st place


1st edition Chisinau Rhythmic Stars 2024

Our team are back from Chisinau where they took part in the 1st edition of the Chisinau Rhythmic Stars international tournament organized by the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics of the Republic of Moldova Federația de Gimnastică Ritmică din Republica Moldova on April 26-28. 250 participating gymnasts ensured the strong competition field where our girls had a chance to shine in all around and in every presented apparatus .

Elizaveta Iampolskaia, the former gymnast of our sports club who represented the Republic of Moldova on the highest international level in 2017-2020, received the special recognition from the president of FGRM for her remarkable contribution to the development of rhythmic gymnastics in the Republic of Moldova. Congratulations !

Many thanks to the local organising committee for their warm welcome and personally Victoria Federiuc, the president of FGRM, for the warmest welcome, friendly atmosphere and fair play!

Dear #rythmoteam, your continuous support and drive to the new achievements means a lot for the girls and serves them as true motivation to always move forward, thank you!

Let’s celebrate the success before moving to the next objectives!

Category 2010 A

Emilia Stasane 

All around 3rd place

Hoop 1st place

Ball 4th place

Clubs 6th place

Ribbon 4th place

Category 2010 C

Lara Kampe 

All around 1st place

Hoop 1st place

Ball 1st place


Friendship Cup 2024


The weekend of March 30-31 we have participated in the international tournament #FriendshipCup 2024, organised by @ritmica_rg_club.

This high scale event united under the roof of Meent Sportshall over 350 participants coming from all over the world .

Our national hopes team performed ahead of their categories due to the departure to the intensive sports camp Sunday morning.

We thank the local organising committee for their warm welcome and congratulate the participants with achievements!

Junior A

Emilia Stasane

All around 4th place

Hoop 3rd place

Ball 9th place

Clubs 2nd place


2nd Happy Spring Cup 2024


The weekend of March 23-24 the gymnasts from our #nationalhopes competition group took part in the second edition of #HappySpringCup. This international competition united a strong field of gymnasts from 15 countries. We congratulate the girls for their achievements! Many thanks to Nina Kolesnikova and Yulia Mikhaylova for their continuous support and dedication.

Category Junior Gold

Emilia Stasane

All around 7th place

Hoop 4th place

Clubs 6th place

Ribbon 4th place


Greater Region & BeNeLux Cup 2024


The weekend of March 16-17 was a pure celebration of beautiful sports and friendship in Munsbach! #RythmicaLux with the support of #Rythmocats and #DolfinGym gathered 200 young gymnasts from various corners of the world who spoilt the judges and spectators with the powerful presentations in rhythmic gymnastics individual program, group exercises and, for the 3rd time the aesthetic gymnastics in groups! The rising stars from Kuwait and Mexico, Moldova, Poland and Serbia , and of course, the closer neighbors from Germany, France and Switzerland charmed the #BeneluxCup public big times. We wholeheartedly thank all the participants for delivering great performances, the judges for their commitment throughout both days and the entire team of volunteers for helping us make this even a true festivity for the children!

Special thanks to the president of the Luxembourg Federation of Aesthetic Gymnastics in Group (LFAGG) Jean Putz for honoring the athletes during the awards ceremony of the AGG competition.

Now lets have a look at the results by athlete and by apparatus and congratulate the girls and their coaches for reaching this encouraging milestone, there are many to go till the end of the season!

Junior A

Stasane Emilia

Hoop 3rd place Ball 2nd place Clubs 1st place Ribbon 4th place

Junior B

Ferriter Joyce

Hoop 1st place Ball 7th place Clubs 8th place
Junior C

Schaefer Julia Ball 3rd place

Senior C

Vanacker Cloe Ball 1st place
Group Juniors 2011-2009 (Valentiny Leyla, Schaefer Julia, Illessy Julia, Nussle Kim, Moskalenko Mariia, Bujnowska Milena) 2nd place 🥈 

AGG 10-12 women short program 
Smile 2 (Schilling Alba, Berkhoff Elisa, Lucero Carlota, Dortschy Clara, Espenan Leane, Menelaou Danai) 1st place 🥇 

AGG Juniors women short program Smile 1
(Bujnowska Milena, Valentiny Leyla, Schafer Julia, Illessy Julia, Nussle Kim, Moskalenko Mariia, Vanacker Cloe) 1st place 🥇


Dusseldorf City Cup 2024


Junior 14 A 2010

Stasane Emilia All-around 2nd place
Hoop 1st place, ball 3rd place 


XVIII Gracia Kupa 2024


Category Junior A

Emilia Stasane

All around 6th place

Hoop 3rd place place

Clubs 4th place


Treveris Cup 2024


Junior Start 2010 B

Joyce Ferriter

All-around 3rd place 🥉 (Ball 3rd place 🥉, clubs 2nd place 🥈)

FIG and children international LUXGR CUP 


Junior A 2010-2009 All-around
Stasane Emilia 9th place 🏅 (Hoop 6th place 🏅, clubs 3rd place 🥉)


Frisange Winter Cup 2024


Juniors 2010 A
Stasane Emilia 2nd place 🥈 (Hoop 1st place 🥇, ball 3rd place 🥉)

Juniors 2010 B All-around
Ferriter Joyce 6th place 🏅 (Hoop 2nd place 🥈, clubs 9th place 🏅)

Juniors C All-around
Kampe Lara 2nd place 🥈 (Hoop 1st place 🥇)
Bujnowska Milena 5th place 🏅 (Ball 1st place 🥇)
Schaefer Julia 14th place 🏅 (Ball 4th place 🏅)

Seniors C All-around
Vanacker Cloe 5th place🏅 (Ball 3rd place 🥉)

2011 C All-around
Less Sofia 7th place 🏅 (Hoop 3rd place 🥉)


Elegance Cup 2024


Junior A

Emilia Stasane
All around 11th place

Hoop 3rd place

Ball 7th place

Cosny Cup - 1st edition 2024


Category 2010 C, all around

Lara Kampe 1st place

 Category 2010 B

Joyce Ferriter 

All around 3rd place

Hoop 1st place

Clubs 2nd place

Many thanks to the team of @gr_cosnesetromain for the warm welcome and smooth running of the event as well as to the team of coaches and judges who accompanied the girls during both days


Fairytale Cup 2023


Results of our athletes from the last weekend at #FairytaleCup 16-17/12/2023

Category 2011 A

Category Junior (2010-2008) A

Emilia Stasane

All around 1st place

Hoop 1st place

Ball 2nd place

Ribbon 1st place

Category Junior (2010-2008) B

Joyce Ferriter

All around 4th place

Coaches Nina Kolesnikova Ekaterina Kalinina


Less Sofia 8th place


Kampe Lara 1st place

Many thanks to Ioulia Bonnier, president of #RythmicaLux, vice president of LFAGG, main judge of the event, Serge Eichen (échevin de la commune de Schuttrange), Alia Garaeva (retired rhythmic gymnast, multi time medalist of European and World Championships, olympian) & Elizaveta Iampolskaia (director of the competition, national champion of Luxembourg and Moldova, participant of the European and World Championships)


5th edition Winter Cup Leverkusen 2023


Two intense days of 5th edition of Wintercup by TSV Bayer Leverkusen came to an end. Our team eturned home full of impressions and charged with motivation to continue working hard. This was a true celebration of our beautiful sports, rhythmic gymnastics! Impeccable organisation, perfect timing of competition, experienced pull of judges and 300 strong competitors from some twenty countries - that’s the recipe of a truly exceptional and memorable event! Along with performances of our European neighbours we enjoyed the athletes from further away locations such as Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan, Georgia and USA. The special guest of honour, Fanni Pigniczki, enchanted the participants with her bronze winning hoop routine and beautiful gala dance. More magic on the carpet was added by national team members of their respective countries, Anna Shenenko (Germany) and Eugenia Angelin (Argentina) as well as from the hosting athletes. Each moment of the event was particular and memorable

We were happy to share these moments thanks to the support of our coaching team, Nina Kolesnikova and Ekaterina Kalinina, as well as judges, Ioulia Bonnier and Irina Shchepakina.

Emilia Stasane

All around 2nd place (with a tiny 0.250 gap to the winner)

Hoop 1st place

Clubs 2nd place


Guimagym Cup 2023


On Sunday evening we welcomed back our team from sunny Portugal, where together with the main coach Nina Kolesnikova the gymnasts demonstrated their progress in the strong field of international competitors from some twenty countries from around the world. The format of the competition provided to each gymnasts an opportunity to fight for podiums for each presented apparatus, whereas FIG gymnasts competed in all around and for a qualification for finals by apparatus. It is also important to consider that the organizers imposed the limitations on evaluated difficulty in younger age categories in the technical program to the competition.

We are proud of the team for demonstrating consistent performance and congratulate the athletes, the coaching team as well as the delegated judge Ioulia Bonnier for this achievement .

Many thanks to the GUIMAGYM team for impeccable organisation .

Many thanks to to the organising committee for friendly atmosphere.

Junior FIG

Emilia Stasane

All around 6th place and qualification for 2 apparatus finals

Clubs final 6th place

Ribbon final 5th place


6th edition of Austrasian Cup 2023


The last weekend of October was rich with events! While one part of our team was in Amsterdam, the other participated in the 6th edition of Austrasian Cup, organised by Atgrs Thionville, where gymnasts from neighbouring countries took part

All around results

Junior non-FIG

Joyce Ferriter 4th place

Junior C

Lara Kampe 1st place

We congratulate the Rythmica Lux girls with their achievements and thank the team who assured the support throughout the day behind the curtain Ekaterina Kalinina, Aryna Mykolaievska, Alona Bondareva and at the judging table Hristina Nenkova & Irina Shchepakina .

Many thanks to to the organising committee for friendly atmosphere .


12th edition of AmsterdaMMasters is done. Athlets from pre-juniors to seniors from nine countries gathered in Amsterdam for 3 days to demonstrate their skills. Each category performed with two exercises per day with the appartus finals for junior and senior categories planed for Sunday. We are pleased to share the accomplishments of the team and would like to thank our coach Nina Kolesnikova and judge Ioulia Bonnier for their incredible support throughout these intense days.

Junior all around

Emilia Stasane 4th place

Emilia also qualified for appratus finals, where to our regret she could not participate due to scheduled departure to sports camp.


12th edition of AmsterdaMMasters 2023


7th edition of AURA Cup 2023


During last weekend our team participated in the 7th edition of the Aura Cup (Zagreb ), FIG and non FIG international tournament that united over 300 participants from all around the world. The event took place over three consecutive days in a warm and friendly atmosphere, thanks to the incredible organiation by local organizing commitee of GK Aura club.

We congratulate our gymnast Emilia Stasane on taking up the challenge and express our gratitude to the Rythmica Lux Schuttrange team for ensuring the support behind the scene.

Nina Kolesnikova

Ekaterina Kalinina

Junior FIG

Emilia Stasane 25th place in all around


Maribor Favorit Cup 2023


#RythmicaLux team is back from Maribor, Slovenia , where they participated to Favourit Cup.

Congratulations to the girls and the entire team

Nina Kolesnikova

Ekaterina Kalinina

Hristina Stoimenova-Nenkova

Juniors I 2010 A


Ferriter Joyce 10th place


Stasane Emilia 4th place


Ferriter Joyce 5th place


Stasane Emilia 2nd place


San Marino Cup 2023


During the weekend 09-10/09/2023 the Federazione Sammerinese Ginnastica hosted the 10th edition of the international RG competition San Marino Cup, where Luxembourg was represented by the Rythmica Lux Schuttrange athlete Emilia Stasane along with 200 gymnasts from a variety of countries. 

We would like to congratulate Emilia for a great start to the season and thank both Aliona Iampolskaia & Nina Kolesnikova for their investment into the preparation as well as undivided support throughout the competition.

Category pre-junior A

Emilia Stasane

All around 3rd place

Hoop 4th place

Clubs 3rd place


III International Grand Premium Tournament

We would like to share with you the results of days 4 and 5 of this amazing and challenging event @grand_premium_platja.

Juniors category A (2010-2008). Our club was represented by Emilia Stasane in this category, who showed the 5th result in all around with four routines amongst 13 contestants. Her strong placement in three apparatus (3rd with hoop, 4th with ball and 7th with ribbon) allowed her to secure participation in the finals with these apparatus:

Hoop final 5th place

Ball final 8th place

Ribbon final 2nd place

Let’s send the girls our


and lots of love to our coaches and judges for the constant perfection and support throughout the years

Алёна Ямпольская Ревенко

Nina Kolesnikova

Ekaterina Kalinina

Liza Iampolskaia

Amel Kadri


Grand Duchy Cup 2023

International tournament Grand Duchy Cup by Aspelt Gym Academy took place last weekend. Our team competed in various categories along with 200 other athletes and we are pleased to share our achievements with you.

2015 C De Iaco Mineiro Ayana 7th place total, 7th place WA

2012 C Espenan Leane 8th place total, 4th place hoop

2011 C Schilling Alba 5th place total, 1st place hoop

Nüssle Kim 8th place total, 3rd place ball

Junior C Vanacker Cloe 4th place total, 3rd place clubs

Valentiny Leyla 6th place total, 3rd place ball

Moskalenko Mariia 9th place total, 1st place hoop

We thank our coaches and judge for their support during the weekend

Junior C Ferriter Joyce 1st place 🥇 total, 1st place 🥇 clubs 

De Reggi Sara 11th place 🏅 total, 6th place 🏅 ball


Victory Cup 2023

Last weekend our team spent in Rotterdam where we took part in #VictoryCup international RG competition where we competed with 200 athletes from all around the world.

We would like to thank the organising committee of for the nice atmosphere and smooth running of the event.

Our appreciation goes to the coaches and judges for preparing the gymnasts and accompanying them during the weekend.

Juniors A

Emilia Stasane

All around 13th place

Hoop 7th place

Clubs 9th place


AFCGE Open I 2023

t’s with great pleasure and pride we return from Miramas after having spent there a few fulfilling days during which we challenged ourselves at AFCGE Open I competition and submerged into the beauty of the aesthetic gymnastics in groups.

Along with 50 squads from all around the world our two Smiley teams presented their free routines in age categories of children 10-12 years and 12-14 years respectively and both qualified in preliminaries for finals.

Smiley 2

Children 10-12 years

6th place

Smiley 1

Children 12-14 years

4th place

We are proud of you, girls!

Many thanks to Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Gymnastique Esthétique de Groupe for the support in making this happen and to AFCGE France for the warm welcome and impeccable organisation

The teams enjoyed the support of our wonderful coaches Inga Heinen & Eva Sguerra. Aliona Iampolskaia has represented Luxembourg at the international jury panel.


Frisange Winter Cup 2023

We are pleased to share with you the #results of our team, along with some three hundred athletes, participated in the international tournament hosted by Aspelt Gym Academy.


Junior A
Stasane Emilia 23rd place 🏅 

Junior C
Kampe Lara 12nd place 🏅 


Christmas Cup 2022

Our team is back from Lithuania where they took part in the 7th edition of international rhythmic gymnastics tournament Vilnius Christmas Cup. This event concluded the year 2022 in festive and friendly atmosphere.

Many thanks to our technical president Aliona Iampolskaia and our coach Eva Sguerra for making this trip possible as well as to host clubs Viliaus gymnasts and Rasos gracija for the warm welcome

Category 2010 A

Emilia Stasane 3rd place


Winter Cup 2022

Have you heard of the #WinterCup in Leverkusen (Germany)? TSV Bayer Leverkusen @tsvbayer04leverkusenrsg organized the 4th edition of this international RG competition with nearly 300 participants representing 20 countries from all over the world. Every year the organizers surprise us with special guests and this year the gymnasts were presented with the opportunity to see Sofia Raffaeli @raffaelisofia and Darja Varfolomeev @varfolomeev2006, none of whom require any introduction to the rhythmic gymnastics admirers. Both Sofia and Darja enchanted the public with their gala presentation and awarded the podium winners. Imagine the thrill of receiving your medal from Sofia, the 5 time World champion or Darja, the world champion with clubs!  

Our team was presented by one delegate who competed in a very strong field with numerous competitors in each respective age category and if gymnasts performed in level gold, they were awarded not only for their all around performance but also by apparatus.

Our gratitude goes to our coaching team Ekaterina Kalinina and Yana Romanyuk for accompanying the gymnasts during this event and to Amel Kadri for fulfilling judge duty throughout the entire event. And of course, we are thankful to the organizers for having the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event, which was not only a tournament but a true festivity dedicated to this beautiful sport.

Category 2010 Gold 
Emilia Stasane 
All around 11th place
Hoop 3rd place
Clubs 14th place


Fairytale Cup 2022

Our association hosted last weekend the international rhythmic gymnastics tournament during which we were pleased to welcome 150 gymnasts from European countries as well as Ukraine. In this friendly and festive environment our gymnasts demonstrated their progress since the start of the season and could measure against very strong competitors. In addition to rhythmic gymnastics discipline, the tournament was open for aesthetic gymnastics in groups teams. Our club was represented by two teams. 
This exciting event was followed by very beautiful joint gala presentation by gymnasts of Rythmo-Cats Club de Gymnastique Rythmique, Dolfin Gym asbl and Rythmica Lux. 

This event would not take place without precious continuous support of the Schëtter - Deng Gemeng office. 

Our thanks go to all the parents, judges, coaches and administration team who made this beautiful event possible and turned it into real fairytale for our children. 

We are grateful to Mariya Muzychenko Photography for having made the fabulous pictures allowing all of us to remember these magical moments. 

Let’s join and congratulate our athletes with their progress to date.

Pre-Junior 2010 A
Stasane Emilia all around 2nd place 🥈 hoop 1st place 🥇 ribbon 1st place 🥇 

Kids 2012 C
Schaefer Laura all around 2nd place 🥈 hoop 2nd place 🥈 

Pre-Junior 2011 C
Nussle Kim all around 2nd place 🥈 hoop 1st place 🥇 

Schilling Alba all around 7th place 🏅 hoop 3rd place 🥉 

Pre-Junior 2010 C
Kampe Lara all around 1st place 🥇 hoop 1st place 🥇 

Bujnowska Milena all around 2nd place 🥈 ball 1st place 🥇 

Moskalenko Mariia all around 5th place 🏅 hoop 3rd place 🥉 

Valentiny Leyla all around 8th place 🏅 ball 5th place 🏅 

Hondrila Alethea all around 9th place 🏅 hoop 4th place 🏅 

Schaefer Julia all around 9th place 🏅 ball 6th place 🏅 

Junior C (2009-2007)
Vanacker Cloe all around 2nd place 🥈 hoop 3rd place 🥉 

Illessy Julia all around 3rd place 🥉 hoop 1st place 🥇 ball 3rd place 🥉 

AGG 10-12 years Smiley 2 (Schaefer Laura, Schilling Alba, Lucero Carlota, Nussle Kim, Berkhoff Elisa, Moskalenko Daria) 1st place 🥇 

AGG 12-14 years Smiley 1  (Valentiny Leyla, Vanacker Cloe, Moskalenko Mariia, Schaefer Julia, Bujnowska Milena, Illessy Julia) 1st place 🥇

Aurore Cup 2022


Schaeffer Laura 2012 C 🏅6 place 
Schilling Alba 2011 D 🥇1 place
Nussle Kim 2011 D 🥉3 place
Valentini Leyla 2010 C 🏅5 place
Bujnowska Milena 2010 C 🏅6 place
Schaeffer Julia 2010 C 🏅6 place
Illessy Julia 2009 C 🏅4 place
Vanacker Chloé 2008 C 🥈2place

Coach: Inga 💙
Juge: Ioulia Bonnier 💙

Félicitations aux gymnastes ✨💫 pour les belles présentations 💙

AmsterdaMMasters 2022


Our delegation is back from Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
where our team took part in the 11th edition of international competition AmsterdamMasters. This event united the individual gymnasts and groups from 12 countries and included two representatives of male rhythmic gymnastics. All the gymnasts, from pre-juniors to seniors, were presenting 4 routines each as a part of all around ranking and the best could qualify for apparatus finals. During this intense 3 day event our gymnasts were accompanied by Elizaveta Iampolskaia & Maria Sviatko. It was Ioulia Bonnier who represented the club at the judge’s panel. Our appreciation goes to the entire team for demonstrating the acquired skills, for the support before and during the competition as well as the development under the close eye of club’s president Aliona Iampolskaia. Success doesn’t happen on its own, it’s a path that we take together as one team. 

Our thanks go to the organisers for this lovely event with nice atmosphere and beautiful memories. 

Stasane Emilia represented Rythmica Lux in category pre-junior:

Day 1
All-around 2nd place 🥈 
Hoop 3rd place🥉 
Ball 1st place 🥇

Day 2
All-around 4th place 🏅 
Clubs 6th place 🏅 
Ribbon 3rd place 🏅

Congratulations 🎉


The 5th Austrasian Cup


Last weekend girls crossed the border to take part in the 5th edition of #AustrasianCup organised by ATGRS Thionville @atgrsthionville. The gymnasts from neighbouring countries as well as from Egypt, South Korea, Togo & Ukraine were enchanting the public with their masteries. 

We are pleased to share the results of this event as well as to thank the team who accompanied the girls throughout the weekend:

Ioulia Bonnier, Hristina Stoimenova-Nenkova, Eva Sguerra and Mariia Sviatko ❤️

C-2010 Ferriter Joyce 2nd place 🥈  
FIG Junior Stasane Emilia 8th place 🏅

Amazing start of the season, keep it up 👍🏻 

13x13 the carpet is our stage


Update from Westerburg 🇩🇪, tournament 13x13 carpet is our stage @steh_kopf 

Catégorie 2010 

Emilia Stasane :
Hoop 1st place 🥇 
Ball 4th place 🏅
Clubs 1st place 🥇 
Ribbon 2nd place 🥈 



Favorit Cup 2022

C’est parti !!!! La première compétition de la saison en Slovénie 🇸🇮 Favorit Cup par @skfavorit_rg 

Stasane Emilia 2010 A: 7eme général, 2eme aux massues et 3 eme au ruban

Félicitations pour ce début et remerciements à Aliona et Amel pour avoir accompagné les filles durant cette épreuve ❤️ 


II International tournament Grand Premium 2022


2nd edition of Grand Premium in Spain united roughly 450 gymnasts from all around the world during 4 days. Our team was pleased to participate in this beautiful event so nicely closing competitive season 😉😍

Category 2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 
Miss Smile 😊 
10th place in all around 🏅 
6th place without apparatus 🏅 
9th place hoop 🏅 

2010 A
Stasane Emilia
6th place in all around 🏅
6th place ball 🏅
4th place clubs 🏅 

2010 C
Kampe Lara
3rd place in all around 🥉 
1st place hoop 🥇 

Ferriter Joyce
5th place in all around🏅
2nd place hoop 🥈


5th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament
"Curves of Daugava 2022”

We are very proud of our gymnast Emilia Stašāne who today at the 5th international rhythmic gymnastics competition #CurvesofDaugava in #Daugavpils, Latvia got 3 golden medals 🥇🥇🥇 (all-around, hoop and clubs), 1 silver medal🥈(ball) and a special prize 🎁 and send our thanks 🙏 to Aliona Iampolskaia, Ekaterina  Kalinina and Eva Sguerra

Friendship Cup 2022

Results of #friendshipcup2022 for Lara Kampe 🙂

2010 C
Kampe Lara 
All around 3rd place 🥉 
Hoop 1st place 🥇

Congratulations 🎉👏🏻🥰



Grand Duchy Cup 2022
Second day


2012 C
Schaefer Laura 3rd place 🥉 

2011 C
Nüssle Kim 14th place 🏅

Grand Duchy Cup 2022

photo_2022-05-08_19-03-47 (2).jpg

Rythmica Lux Schuttrange at #GrandDuchyCup 2022 1st day

2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 1st place 🥇 
2010 A
Stasane Emilia 7th place 🏅 
2010 C
Valentiny Leyla 5th place 🏅 
Schaefer Julia 9th place 🏅 
Juniors C
Illessy Julia 4th place 🏅 
Vanacker Cloé 12th place 🏅

Rotterdam Victory Cup 2022

The hero of this Competition was Emilia Stasane 💜 nominated “Miss Difficulty” by the organising committee 🥰

Emilia’s results in category pre-junior A (2010-2011):

All around 🏅4 place
Ball 🥈2nd place
Clubs 🏅4 place


Many thanks to the team who contributed to preparing the gymnast and for support during this event!!! Ekaterina  Kalinina Elizaveta Iampolskaia Yulia Mikhaylova 


Treveris Cup 2022

Last weekend (23.04-24.04.2022) our team took part in Treveris Cup, tournament organised by our neighbour club Rhythmische Sportgymnastik - Trier. 

Rythmica Lux Schuttrange was represented by four gymnasts during this two day event and we are pleased to share with you the all around results by category. 

2013 B
Dudarenko Victoria 6th place 🏅

2011 C
Nuessli Kim 4th place 🏅

2010 C
Bujnowska Milena 6th place🏅

2010 A
Stasane Emilia 6th place🏅

Congratulations to the girls and Rythmica Lux team!

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